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Metro 4

 We went to Metro today so I could look around since I had not been there in a couple of weeks

If I am not mistaken, imported Albers Cornmeal is a product of Washington State in the USA. That was my big ticket item today. P230.50 for a 2.8 lb box, which will last me at least 1 year, maybe longer. Some of the recipes I use Albers cornmeal for are Corn Bread, of course, Sweet Corn Muffins, Tamale Pie, Oven Fried Chicken and for battering various fried dishes.

I was looking for something to prepare a quick meal this evening for myself since Nanay is visiting us from the farm this weekend. I know all she eats mostly is fish & rice. She is pushing 80 now and still in relatively good health.

I found something at Metro. Hamburger Helper- Lasagna! No baking required. Just add browned ground round or ground beef, 2 3/4 cups of hot water, 1/2 cup of milk and the sauce mix from the box. Top with Parmesan Cheese if you like and add Red Pepper Flakes to spice it up if you like.The box states “Italian Style Sauce Mix with Real Oregano & Basil.” It was fast to prepare and I will most likely freeze most of the leftovers. No one but me in our home eats this kind of food! At least not usually but they are welcome to it anytime.

The Lasagna Hamburger Helper was P139.25 for the box. I will eat several times from what I made and I already had 1 kilo of ground round in the freezer but did not need all that today.

I like to keep a box of Instant Mashed Potatoes on hand and I paid P143 for the Springfield brand.

Snacks were also on my short list of things to buy today. Sea Pride Pusit Na Luto is one of my favorite snacks but I don’t eat it daily. Basically, it is Squid Jerky. I like it. A product of the Philippines and only P41.50 for the large package.

Sweets are not anything I eat on a regular basis but I like to have some when I want it. Basically, 30 Dewberry Strawberry & Cream Filled Cookies are P58.80. They are good and I never eat more than 3 at a time.

This is today’s update on prices in Bacolod at Metro for the things I wanted to buy. If you don’t live in an area with many imported food items for when you want them, Metro will run wild on you! I saw so many new arrivals but not really anything I was wanting or needing. Oh, I could have easily loaded up and spent P3,000 but my bill was only P682.55. I bought what I actually wanted. I did not need to buy any meat or seafood today and I did not see anything special to attract my Kano eyes.

Metro has many new canned soups from the USA but I prefer making my own soup with locally sourced fresh ingredients. I control the salt and sugar content.

It does not take much to make me happy in the Philippines! I am happy everyday! The Monthly Weekend Food Fair was outside Metro today, underneath tents. The Das Burgery 101 Burger is P120 and it is awesome in my opinion. Das Burgery does not have an actual restaurant unless they opened one fairly recently but they are at the Food Fairs, at major festivals and at other special events in the Bacolod Area.

Check out Metro and the Ayala Food Fair. I hope to see you one day, somewhere…all around Bacolod.

~ Gary McMurrain ~

4 thoughts on “Super Metro

  1. While Nanay was with us in the Kansas I served her many different things she had never had before and she really enjoy some of it, but there is resistant to change and the cold and long winters along with not seeing her friends she wanted to go back to the Philippines, that was four years ago. She was no bother what so ever and a real help.

    • Rich,

      I am sure that Nanay’s experience in Kansas is a lifetime memory for her, as well you, too,

      Grace studied at a Culinary Arts Academy and she knows how to prepare many international dishes. She has also eaten many such dishes. However, since we moved to the Philippines and with the passing of each year, she is more set upon the local Negrense Filipino Cuisine. I certainly don’t try to tell people what to eat! It is her choice.

      I also enjoy some Filipino dishes, just not every meal or even every day. I am thinking about Sloppy Joe for tonight.

      Take care, Amigo.

      ~ Gary ~

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