Grifters, Hackers, Scams and Schemes

There are a number of foreigners around in the Philippines, who like to befriend you but they are up to no good. I would like to advise you to be careful about what you tell them concerning your personal information. Do not ever give out your personal passwords to other foreigners! Not even to business partners! I learned this the hard way.

Whatever you may tell these particular characters can be used against you later. I have been a victim of such a scheme recently. It evolved over a period of several months.

Scheming Overtime

You may know these foreigners over several months and even several years! They gained your trust, and while you are naive, they are at work. In casual conversation, they are at work, gathering your information, whatever you give them. To be used against you later. For their self gain. Financially in their pockets, at your expense.

Some times, we read and hear about Filipinos ripping off foreigners but in reality, foreigners also engage in this…against you. In the Philippines. Over the past 29 years, it has been foreigners who created problems for me, not Filipinos! You can believe that!

Advising, please be careful who you trust with your personal information.

If anyone, anywhere at anytime tries to promote an hour consultation with me, Gary McMurrain, do not, do not do it. I am not selling consultations with me. Not here, not there, not anywhere!

Copyright Violations

I have books on a site now about the Philippines and on Amazon, which I will never collect one centavo  from. Why? I am not the one who set up the account but someone I trusted and thought was a friend did. Yes, he is a foreigner, not a Filipino.

My new book, Living in Bacolod, will be finished before too much longer but I will handle its marketing 100%. I have several books on Living in the Philippines and that is a safe site. As of this date of this article, Living in the Philippines is the ONLY site that I have granted permission for sales of my books! Not Amazon and not Retiring to the Philippines. If you buy Gary McMurrain’s books about the Philippines elsewhere, than Living in the Philippines, at this moment, you are buying copyrighted infringement material. Someone else may have somehow gotten a copyright with my books but I never gave anyone permission to do that and never will. No one can ever, no not ever produce a contract with my legal signature on it, where I hired them as an agent to market my books or copyright my material! You can take that to the bank!

Don Herrington is the owner of Living of the Philippines, the original site and it is not another knock off! Don Herrington is my best friend in the Philippines and he has lived in the Philippines for 20 years. He is one guy who is indeed a friend among foreigners in the Philippines. He loves this beautiful country, the Philippines, and its beautiful people. The Filipino. I use this term for both genders!

I recently set up a new blog on Word Press and in a matter of a day or so, it was hacked and hijacked. Why? Because I am considered a competitor! Who did it? I know and it certainly wasn’t my friend, Don Herrington! You can believe that.


Experience is the best teacher! Sometimes we only learn this the hard way, when we have lost something. If you change your password online, come up with something completely different. If you used a password with Daisy1225 in it, don’t just change it to Daisy1978! Hackers can easily figure that one out. It happened to me!

If you ever watched the film Swordfish, you know exactly what I am referring to. I was a victim of such character. In real life and not on the big screen!

Crab Mentality

Over the past 29 years and living outside the USA the past 15 years, it is foreigners who I have met with the worse cases of crab mentality.

If you have written a book, if you are successful in business, if you are successful in a relationship and if you appear happy everyday, these crabs want to pull you down to their level. They have not accomplished anything, they have failed in business, they have failed in relationships and they don’t even like themselves. So, they want to rain on *your* parade. They want to put crap in your stew. They want to see you at the bottom of the basket, where they are and where they will forever be!

This is my first installment about the behavior of some foreigners in the Philippines. I have  about a handful of foreign friends in the Philippines. I have 10 X that many wonderful Filipino friends in the Philippines and they are all *real* friends. Some are elected officials, some are in the President’s Cabinet, some are police officers, some are in the Armed Forces of the Philippines, some are attorneys, some are farmers, some are vendors, some are businesspersons on a large and small scale. It matters not to me what their social status is. They are friends. We are friends.

Take care! I hope to see you one day, somewhere..,all around Bacolod.

~ Gary McMurrain ~

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