White Knuckle Drive

I recently said that driving in Bacolod is a snap and it usually is. However, that was not the case yesterday! Many things came up!

A young boy darted in front of me when he was crossing the street. It was close. I don’t tailgate but a red Honda without brake lights came to a screeching halt that I was behind and if not alert, I would have rear-ended it. I almost clipped a jeepney when the driver cut me off!. A dog decided to stop in the middle of the street and I almost ran over it. It seems like every slow driver in the city was waiting just for me! I was behind 3 or 4.

Detour, there’s construction ahead and not even a single traffic enforcer. Cars were trying to move in both directions in only one lane. They were in a Mexican standoff and none were giving way until they realized, we would stuck like that until hell freezes over. Cars don’t fly yet. An empty pedicab was parked in the right lane, blocking it, and I had to wait until traffic was clear to go around. The pedicab driver was nowhere to be seen!

I wish I had just stayed at home yesterday! Normally, it is not this bad but I guess yesterday was just one of those days. I can’t hardly wait later today because I know it will be a much better yesterday to make my day.

I hope to see you one day, somewhere, all around Bacolod.

~ Gary McMurrain ~

4 thoughts on “White Knuckle Drive

  1. We all have those days, I had one just a few days ago. I rushed soil samples over about 30 miles and came back to finish the filter change on my tractor. Pulled the big mothers off and put one on then the next one, would not fit, it was the wrong one. Here it is all torn apart so I call and yes the have the right one. So here I go again drive right pass the place I had been a few hours before but another ten miles to get the darn thing. For me it was a gas burner of a day.

  2. Gary,
    I am not really superstitious, but I am much more vigilant every month around the full moon. Something about it seems to lower levels of sanity in some folks. I have made three trips from Bacolod to Isabella and back in the last 5 days, and have the same phenomenon you described, increase with every trip. The full moon is tomorrow, and I will refrain from the sugar cane trips to Isabella until it passes, just in case I am wrong about not believing in superstitions!

    • Hi Roger,

      Thank you for your comment. There is merit to your thoughts on the Full Moon. I worked 25 years in mental health facilities and in prisons in the USA. We always called it a Bad Moon Rising! Without failure, some patients and inmates acted out more than ever before during a full moon. We were ready for them.

      Take care, Amigo.

      ~ Gary ~

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