Bacolod Grocery Prices

I went to SM Supermarket yesterday afternoon. Here are current prices for you.

Ground Round is still about the same, P210 per kilo. Lean Ground Pork is P182 per kilo. Regular Ground Pork is P168 per kilo but too much fat for my taste.

Extra Thick Pork Chops are P188 per kilo. You will only get 4, on average, of these large pork chops in a kilo but you can cut them in half and easily have 8. Not much fat on them but enough for my taste.

A package of Monde Belgian Waffles is still P66.

The regular price of Listerine has dropped from P117 per bottle to P99. It was not a special sale to move old merchandise.

A can of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup is P48.50.

Century Tuna in oil is P32.50 for a medium size can.

I don’t think anyone will be interested in the other things I bought. All together, my total bill was P1,228, which is about the usual. I was not walking around with a calculator to keep track and keep it under P1,300 but i bought what I wanted and needed for the week. Some weeks, I only spend P1,000 or P1,100 at SM.

Never tried Hoegaarden Beer before, so I threw one bottle in my cart. It was P107. If I had skipped it, my bill would have less than P1,200 this week but I wanted to try it. It’s in my freezer now and I am looking forward to trying it.


My wife found a better source for specialty fruit and vegetables, K-Mart. A bunch of asparagus is P35. Broccoli is P54 per head. Snow peas are P24.75 per package and bean sprouts are P12 per small bag.

I won’t be buying yellow onions, baking potatoes or other veggies at SM any longer, as long as K-Mart is here.

K-Mart is not connected to the USA K-Mart. In the Philippines, the letter K is blue and not red like in the States.

You never know what you will find at K-Mart. I’ve seen Butterball Turkeys and Maple Leaf Ducks!

Ever tried Corned Tuna? That was the rage of the age a few years back and San Marino had many ads on ABS-CBN TV about it. It is good but I use it to make Tuna Tacos and Tuna Burritos. I don’t put Guacamole on those Tuna Tacos or Burritos! Yuk!

There you have it, shoppers! The cost of living for food in Bacolod City is very reasonable.

Take care and I hope to see you one day, somewhere…all around Bacolod.

Your Amigo,

~ Gary McMurrain ~

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