American Food in Bacolod

Are you ready for that fabulous Hamburger in Paradise? I cannot think of a better place to get that burger you love so much than at Gunny’s! It is located on the side street next to USLC High School on C. L. Monteilbano Street. Gunny has a connection with the USMC, the Marines, in the USA. He is also involved with introducing American football in the Bacolod Area. Bacolod Knights! Drop by and say HELLO to Gunny. Have a burger and knock back a few cold ones!

Burgers on the grill! No prefab burgers at Gunny’s! They are made to order right on the grill before you eyes. The grill is located near the entrance to the restaurant, right out front.

Gunny’s Menu. I always order the Gunner Burger for P99, as that is all the burger I can handle at one time. If you are a real hungry man, or woman, try the Super Max. It is a one Kilo Hamburger! Are you man enough? Are you woman enough? Go for it!

Do you like old time Rock n’ Roll? check out my article on Retiring to the Philippines. I first met RJ Jacinto way back in 1987! He is still rocking and rolling every night.

I hope to see you one day… somewhere… all around Bacolod!

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