Shaun’s Diners

We planned going to the Indian Restaurant Spice n’Bites several Sundays ago but they are no longer in business, however, Shaun’s Diners is now in the same location. You will find Shaun’s Diners on the 2nd floor of Automobili Dettaglia in Barangay Mandalagan on Lacson Street and next to Convergys.

They were not yet open, so we went back soon afterward, one Friday evening. There was a live 2 piece band performing lounge music around 7pm. Nice music but we came to eat!

Lasagna! I had a man size task to eat all this and I could only eat half! The rest was take out.

Grilled Fish
Grilled Fish!

Complimentary Kimchi! Yes, there are several Korean dishes on Shaun’s Menu.

Seafood Platter
Seafood Platter! Crab, Prawns and Fish. Yummy!

The Hungry Fisherman! Our friend, Randy.

If you want to listen to lounge lizard music, knock back a few ice cold San Miguel and eat good food, check out Shaun’s Diners! I think you will like them and they will like you. Please say hello to Manager Mardz for me, will ya?

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