A Taste of Canton in Bacolod

Mai Pao
We recently had a family lunch at Mai Pao Tea House, located on 6th Street in Bacolod. Their specialty is dim sum and other Cantonese Chinese dishes. After living 9 years in Hong Kong and mainland China, I am a pretty fair judge of Chinese food! We all enjoyed the food we ordered very much.

Mai Pao
For starters, we had chicken feet dim sum with salted black beans. I have been known to be a Soldier of Fortune of sorts for the past 14 years in Asia and while I still enjoy good ole southern style home cooking, I also greatly enjoy many Asian dishes. Chicken feet is one of them. I also enjoy chicken feet adobo, Bacolod style!

Mai Pao
My order has arrived! Sweet & Sour Pork Bowl. Served with spring rolls and prawn crackers. It was great!

Mai Pao
Beef Brisket Bowl. Looks delicious, doesn’t it?

Mai Pao
Beef & Mushroom Bowl. My wife ordered this one and she really enjoyed it.

Other than the chicken feet, our other orders were from the Big Bowl Value Meals. Only P120 lang! There are 7 different choices for you to enjoy.

Mai Pao
You will find a very nice atmosphere at Mai Pao Tea House. If you enjoy Cantonese food, I think you will enjoy your meal at Mai Pao.

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I hope to see you one day, somewhere..all around Bacolod!

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