Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort
Yes, I did it again! I had a hearty Southern breakfast! However, don’t be concerned, as I don’t eat this every morning. I know, I know, I overdid it with the Dari Creme Buttermilk Butter on my grits but it has 0% trans fat. I regularly buy Dari Creme Buttermilk Butter at SM Supermarket. My personal favorite breakfast dish was prepared at home, here in Bacolod City. Yes, I know how to cook and I enjoy cooking. My wife studied Culinary Arts, so she is a fabulous chef! She has me beat in the kitchen.

Over the years, I have found that many people do not know what grits are! If you are from the Southern USA, you know what grits are. Grits are made from ground white corn and commonly made from hominy, which is alkali-treated corn. There are only two places I know where you can buy grits in Bacolod and that is Metro Supermarket and Cafe Bob’s Deli Grocers. Both stores sell Albers Grits, which are milled in Seattle, Washington, USA. I pay P250 for the large box, which is almost a full kilo in volume.

I bought the pork chop at Bahama Meat Shop on Tindalo Avenue, next door to Hua Kong Chinese Pharmacy. Bahama Meats tout raising their own organic hogs and I can taste the difference! We buy all our pork from Bahama. Their hogs are not fed antibiotics.

Eggs are very commonly purchased in Bacolod but we have one shop we buy from regularly. The egg yolk is bright orange in color and are never rubbery in texture unless you overcook them. The shop is located at Galo and Mabini Streets in Bacolod. Fabulous eggs with hard shells! I poach eggs often in a deep wok with enough water to cover the eggs and I add a little vinegar but no salt or other seasoning while cooking. Eggs Benedict is another one of my favorite breakfast foods but nowhere to buy English muffins in Bacolod any longer since Kuster’s Food Hub closed. At least no where else that I know about! If you know where to buy English muffins in Bacolod, please give me a shout!

Many forget that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but many pig out for lunch and supper but eat a light breakfast or skip it altogether. I like to start the morning out full of energy! My breakfast was a grilled pork chop with over EZ egg and grits with buttermilk butter. Wow! I am still ready to face any challenge today!

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Take care and please don’t skip breakfast! I hope to see you one day, somewhere, all around Bacolod!


4 thoughts on “Southern Comfort

  1. How long does it take to learn where to get all the good stuff? I love grits but sure weren’t served them in the hotel last summer,,,,,,LOL

    • One thing that helps is fellow expats passing the word around when something that is hard to find is in stock locally. Bob R and a few others on Living in Bacolod are good at that. Me included. No, I am sure you were not served grits in the hotel, as it is not common locally. Some Filipinos in northern and eastern Negros Occidental eat what they call “corn rice,” which is ground white corn and it is very similar to grits. I’ve had it before when a nephew’s wife prepared it and she is from Escalante, Negros Occidental. Locals say, “they be Cebuano people!” It is true that most of those who eat corn rice speak Cebuano instead of Ilonggo.

      Have a good one!

      ~ Gary ~

      • BTW, Country boys know this already but grits ain’t just for breakfast! I had grits this evening with battered and deep fried fish fillets.

        Happy Eating!

        ~ Gary ~

  2. G’day mates I’m looking for fellow Expats in and around Bacolod City Was searching for a 2014 Thanksgiving dinner if anyone knows drop me a line.

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