Pizzaro Pizza in Victorias City

We were in Victorias City yesterday and we noticed Pizzaro Pizzaria located next to Lopues as you first enter the city. We have eaten at Pizzaro in Goldenfield, Bacolod, so we know they have good pizza. We would soon learn that this branch in Victorias City has fabulous pizza. Our son is a pizza expert and he knows good pizza! He and the rest of us give two thumbs up to Pizzao in Victorias City.

We really enjoyed the atmosphere at Pizzaro, as it has the feel of an outdoor pizzaria!

Pepperoni Pizza

The perfect combination! Pizza and San Miguel Pale Pilsen!

If you are interested in dessert, one option is Melona Refreshing Ice Cream Bars in 5 different flavors.

In the first two photos of my article, you can see that Pizzaro is much more than pizza with their large menu posted on the front counter in banner style. I do not personally know too many people who do not enjoy excellent pizza but if they go to Pizzaro, there are a number of other dishes to choose from, including pasta. There are also a few Korean dishes on Pizzaro’s menu.

The next time you are in Victorias City, you can check out Pizzaro and I do not think you will be disappointed. Their pizza is thick, meaty and cheesy. The large pepperoni pizza we ordered was P325 and it was awesome!

~ Gary ~

5 thoughts on “Pizzaro Pizza in Victorias City

  1. Yes! Pizzaro is a really good pizza chain but I couldn’t go review it because it’s not a Bacolod restaurant it’s a franchise. Well done Gary the pizza looks fantastic!

    • Thanks, Martin. It is a nice atmosphere dining outdoors in Victorias City at Pizzaro. Everyone laughs when I say Pizzaro because I pronounce it “Pizarro,” as in the Conquistador! Pizarro Pizza! All in fun and it has a nice ring to it! If I were to open a pizza joint, I would name it, “Pizarro Pizza.”

      Have a great day!

      ~ Gary ~

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