The Court of Ramen and House of Bread

The Bacolod Weekend Farmers Market is receiving attention for being a lot more than a place to buy produce! There is a wonderful baker selling her fabulous bread and other baked delights. There is also a very nice food court at the farmers market where a Japanese chef serves up fresh ramen noodles every Saturday until 6pm.

The Weekend Farmers Market is located on Magsaysay Street, between Luxur Place Hotel and the Asia Brewery Sales Office.


I ordered a bowl of the fresh ramen noodles and I really enjoyed them very much! Last Saturday, the price also included Japanese ice tea. These are not prefab noodles by any means! I watched its preparation in progress. First, the Japanese chef placed the noodles in a wire basket and he then place them in a large stock pot. Once ready, he put them in a bowl and began the process of producing a fabulous bowl of ramen. Next came the slices of pork roast, 1/4 sliced boiled egg and garnished with chopped green onions. The chef carefully ladled the ramen broth, slowly, as not to disturb his creation. Soy sauce, black pepper and Japanese hot sauce were available according to taste and I added black pepper and a little hot sauce.

Without putting anyone down or being critical, the ramen at the food court are the best I had in Bacolod during the last 4 years!

One can also order takoyaki, which is octopus balls, made of a wheat flour based batter. The price per order is P30.


I always tell expats that they will be amazed with the good food found n the Bacolod Area. These are loaves of German Style Pumpernickel Rye! Imagine finding this at a Farmers Market in the Philippines! The price is P45 per loaf and they are really great.

There is also a pick and pay section at the Farmers Market and a great deal if you do not mind picking your own vegetables. Each Saturday at the farmers market is different and you never know what you will find from among the many vendors. Several weeks ago, we bought a large bag of fresh scallops for P200.

Retiring To The Philippines

If you are not yet living in the Philippines and have considered retiring to the Philippines, I would like to invite to one of the best expat online magazines today. It is not hype or trying to sell you Rizal Park in Manila but it is based on more than 37 years of first hand experience about the Philippines by its writers. The good news is, you can read all the articles for free online. I personally write 2-3 new articles every week for Retiring to the Philippines and the guest writers all have lived in the Philippines 10 years or longer, full time, year round.

If you have burning questions about the Philippines that you want answers to, please check out the forum on Retiring To The Philippines. Ask Gary!

Take care and I really hope to meet you one day, somewhere all around Bacolod!

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