The Quiet Place Farm Resort

The Quiet Place

If you are looking for a peaceful and scenic getaway for the weekend, The Quiet Place Farm Resort may just be the place you are looking for. Less than 5 km from Barangay Sum-Ag in Bacolod City, many enjoy the ride in the countryside to The Quiet Place, located in Barangay Tabunan, Bago City.

The Quiet Place

You will have a good view of Mount Canlaon, the famous local volcano.

The Quiet Place

There are many shade trees at The Quiet Place.

The Quiet Place

The Quiet Place Resort is actually a working farm, growing rice and corn. Corn for sale! The farmer in charge will do a small harvest for you if you are interested in buying the fabulous white sweet corn and it is only P25 per kilo! We bought 5 kilos to take home. Immediately after returning home, we grilled some corn and boiled a lot more. Wow! It is really tender and sweet corn.

The Quiet Place

The rice is nice.

The Quet Place

The Quiet Place


The Quiet Place

The Garden Hotel. The Quiet Place has several small hotels on site for you to choose from. Surrounded by the lush beauty of nature, this is an ideal spot for a romantic weekend or just a place to get away from everything for rest and relaxation. For me personally, the luxuriant plants, flowers and trees are the perfect setting for me to enjoy personal down time and spend quality time with my wife and son.

The Quiet Place

For those who do not intend lodging for the night, there are cottages and pavilions for rent by the day. Admission to the Quiet Place is P35 for adults and P20 for children. Use of the pool is an additional P50 per person.

There is a restaurant at the Quiet Place but it was not open the day we went there. I have heard good things about the restaurant, which has such dishes as tenderloin roulade in red wine sauce and rosemary and garlic potatoes with stuffed peppers. It sounds awesome doesn’t it? Dessert includes lemongrass ice cream, mango-ginger ice cream and a few other fabulous desserts. You will want to call ahead and make sure the days and hours of the restaurant.

This past week was our first time going to The Quiet Place but we intend to go back. If you enjoy the beauty of nature, then it is a place for you to check out!

Retiring to the Philippines

Please do not forget to check out:

Every week, I add 2-3 new, interesting articles that I think anyone interested about retiring to and living in the Philippines will certainly enjoy. All my articles are based on my personal 27 year connection with the Pearl of the Orient and my living here full time. In my opinion, the Philippines really is the Pearl of the Orient and I would not be happy living anywhere else in the world!

5 thoughts on “The Quiet Place Farm Resort

  1. thanks gary. i did sign up at for any new updates. i am sure it is a good site if you are involved. just got back from 1 month in PI. went mostly in cebu and butuan city area. had a great time of course. but now i am back in your old town in north florida, tall. anyway, i am waiting to retire also in 3 years. thanks for providing the link to the other site.

  2. Hi Rick,

    Thank you for your compliments. I know you are wishing you were back in the Philippines! It was always tough for us leaving when we made our annual 5-6 week visits before we finally moved here full time.

    I always enjoyed the Tally area and also Ft Walton Beach when I lived there. Homestead, south of Miami, was not too bad.

    Three years sound like a long time but time seems to fly! It does not really seem that we have been here in the Philippines 4 years now but we are enjoying every minute. I still have 3 years to go before I apply for my early Social Security. It will be nice to collect a pension but I am not in any hurry for the years passing by quickly.

    Have a great day!

    ~ Gary ~

    • Sorry for the late reply. Yes Gary I do not want to wish my 3 years goodbye but I am ready to move now. Everytime I return back to the USA, I feel a bit down for awhile.

  3. Hello Gary,

    Another interesting and well presented article. This sounds like a place I’d like to visit on a day when the restaurant is open. Keep up the good work!!

    Best regards
    Jim Custer

  4. Thank you much, Jim. The Quiet Place has a phone number, which I just received today: 731 0100. Someone in the office can give you information about their restaurant. It is my understanding that DC Cruz owns & operates The Quiet Place and Ruby Cruz has done some great work growing medicinal plants there.

    Have a great day!

    ~ Gary ~

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