Mambukal Revisited

Mambukal Revisited

It is a family tradition going to scenic parks, resorts, beaches and other interesting places on holidays. Easter afternoon was no exception! We loaded up the Crosswind and took off for Mambukal Hot Springs Mountain Resort.

Flying Bat

Flying Fruit Bat

There are thousands of fruit bats at Mambukal and locally, they are known as flying foxes.

Hanging Fruit Bats

Hanging Fruit Bats

During daytime hours, most of the fruit bats can be seen hanging from one of the many trees, however, some enjoy flying around even when it is not dark.

Hot Springs

Hot Springs

In the later afternoon, the crowd in the hot springs pool had thinned out. There are private spas one can avail at Mambukal, providing hot springs from the mountain.

There is a lively food court inside Mambukal where fresh seafood, native Filipino dishes and a few Western favorites are served. We decided to dine at Ikea of Kabankalan in the Mambukal Food Court.

Bacon Cheeseburger

Bacon Cheeseburger at Ikea of Kabankalan

The owner of the restaurant came over to our table to speak to us personally. The Bacon Cheeseburger was not on the menu but I asked nicely and the owner agreed to prepare it just for me! Lots of crispy fried bacon. Keeping the burger with the local influence, it was garnished with sliced green tomato and cucumber. It was awesome! The bacon cheeseburger was also served with a side of deep fried shrimp or lobster crackers.

Halo Halo

Halo Halo

Halo Halo is a delightful treat and is found most everywhere in the Philippines with each region having their own favorite variation. The Halo Halo at Ikea of Kabankalan in the Mambukal Food Court is made with shaved ice, firm cubed gelatin, purple yams, rice krispies, various slices of tropical fruit and ice cream. Fabulous!

If you haven’t been to Mambukal Hot Springs and Mountain Resort, by all means, check it out ASAP. You don’t realize what you are missing! If it has been awhile since your last trip to Mambukal, a revisit is always as fun as the first time. Adult admission is P50 per head, a little more than $1, and children admission is P20 or sometimes, even free.

Have Fun! It really is more fun in the Philippines!



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