Ora Plata Mata

ora plata mata

Ora Plata Mata

The 1982 multi award winning Filipino film, Ora Plata Mata, has been restored and digitally remastered. It is currently showing in cinemas around the Philippines. The meaning of the film is “Gold, Silver and Bad Luck.” Or some say the meaning is “Gold, Silver and Death.”

Ora Plata Mata is critically acclaimed, worldwide, to be the most significant Filipino film ever made, so you gotta see it, right? Filmed on the island of Negros, the film is about the lives of two haciendero families and the hardships they endured during World War II. Hardships, including violence and death, which would change their lives forever.

Ora Plata Mata

Ora Plata Mata

Above are two famous houses in the Bacolod area which were used during the filming of Ora Plata Mata.

Ora Plata Mata Director

Ora Plata Mata Director

Bacolod’s own Peque Gallaga is an award winning filmmaker, who Directed the film, Ora Plata Mata.

There are several among actors and actresses in Ora Plata Mata who are still active and well known in Philippines films since the 1982 filming. In the film, Cherie Gil portrays the character, Trinidad “Trining” Ojeda and Joel Torre portrays the character, Miguel Lorenzo. Liza Lorena won the Best Supporting Actress Award for her portrayal of the character, Nena Ojeda in Ora Plata Mata.

Ora Plata Mata is a great film, which I highly recommend watching.





3 thoughts on “Ora Plata Mata

  1. I thought this movie would be on Netflix, I finally got an account and Netflix does not have this movie. I was so hoping to see it………oh well I tried.

    headed to PI on the 18th for a month. I have not been to Bacolod yet but I do not know what is cool to do there? guess I will research it. if I decide to go to Bacolod, I will contact you for lunch or something?

  2. Hi Rick,

    Bacolod City and the surrounding area is not a fast paced place. There are many expat retirees here, who lived in the States a number of years with their wives and their children are all now adults. There are other expats living here and raising younger children. Of course, there are also a number of single expats here, too.

    There are beaches in the south part of the city and many more beaches south of Bacolod, scattered about, 20km-50km. from the city. There are several nice mountain resorts east of Bacolod, with 10 degrees or more cooler weather. There is a nightlife in Bacolod but not on the magnitude of Metro Manila or Cebu City.

    Many Filipinos from around the Philippines always have Bacolod at the top of their list as great places to visit. If you decide to visit Bacolod, let me know, as I would enjoy meeting you.

    ~ Gary ~

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