Mass Wedding in Bacolod City

Mass Wedding

On Saturday, February 16, the annual Mass Wedding was held in Bacolod City at the Bacolod City Government Center. In keeping with tradition, 2,013 couples were wed for 2013! A number of Philippine celebrities were on hand for the event, including Philippine boxing icon, Manny Pacquiao.

Mass Wedding

There is Senator Franklin Drilon! The security was tight and hard to get near for a close up photo but Senator Drilon is in the pink colored shirt, near the door with his left hand raised. The Honorable Senator revealed that he is allocating P5 million to the City of Bacolod for the improvement of Bacolod City Public Plaza. This is very good news. The newly weds and other city residents will have a nicer place to go and relax in the near future in downtown Bacolod. A great and appreciated gift to the City.

Mass Wedding

A sea of umbrellas on the grounds of the Bacolod City Government Center.

Mass Wedding

The crowd is swelling! The brides and grooms are ready to begin the ceremony, performed by Bacolod City Mayor Evelio Leonardia.

Mass Wedding

Here come the brides!

The Bacolod Mass Wedding was a fun event and I imagine some of the newly weds are still on their honeymoons! May they all have a long and blissful marriage, full of health and prosperity.

It was reported that the youngest couple being married was 18 and the oldest couple were both 70. Among those with the largest age gap, the groom was 44 and the bride was 82. Yes, you read it right. They were applauded by the crowd because they appeared to be really in love due to their long kissing session.

It was a nice day for a wedding!





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