Best Sandwich Deli in Bacolod


One of the newest arrivals on the Bacolod food scene, which expats will enjoy, is The Fat Chef Bistro and Deli. It is located behind Lopues Mandalagan shopping center, near the Mandalagan Art District. I knew I was in the right place when my pulled pork BBQ sandwich arrived with the diagonal cut. This is the indicator of a good deli sandwich!

Fat Chef's

Every sandwich on the menu of The Fat Chef Bistro and Deli is served with choice of fries or garden salad. I chose the garden salad with my pulled pork BBQ sandwich. Price is P140.


A pulled pork BBQ sandwich with fries.


A banana and Nutella Crepe. There are four different dessert crepes on the menu at the Fat Chef’s, including Mango and Rum. Sounds good, huh?

Amstel Sterk Beer

Amstel Sterk Beer from Amsterdam. This was my beverage of choice to go with my pulled pork BBQ sandwich.

Fat Chef's

There are a number of imported foods and beverages in the deli. A large can of ravioli captured my eye! I also saw a jar of gourmet peanut butter made from mixed nuts. P280 per jar.

Fat Chef's

Fat Chef Bistro and Deli has a fairly large wine selection. P99 per glass or P400 per bottle when dining in. Red and white wines are available.

Fat Chef's

The Day Menu.

There are many items on the menu at Fat Chef Bistro and Deli that I think many expats and Filipino customers alike will enjoy. Some of the items that sparked my interest are New England Clam Chowder, the six different sausages served with sauerkraut and German Spatzle, several specialty salads that include salmon and anchovy, baked artichoke, a cold cut platter, a cheese platter, savoury crepes such as Crepe Benedict and Spinach & Ricotta Crepe and 7 exciting side dishes, which include rice pilaf!

Yeah, I would love to film a Man vs Food episode in Fat Chef Bistro and Deli! Let me be the MAN! If I skip breakfast, I think I can handle it!





9 thoughts on “Best Sandwich Deli in Bacolod

  1. You are welcome, John. We really enjoyed our dining experience at The Fat Chef Bistro & Deli. A number of expats in Bacolod are looking forward to the gourmet sandwiches and other food.

    We will see you again soon!

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