Totally Thursday in Bacolod

At Imay's

At Imay’s Restaurant

Our favorite place in Bacolod to eat Filipino food is Imay’s Restaurant. Located on Luzuriaga Street, Imay’s has been a tradition in our family, as it is the first restaurant we introduce to foreign friends and family members who visit us from the USA and China. Everyone always raves about the food at Imay’s, as they are eating the local Negros Occidental Cuisine for the very first time. 

Private Dining Room

Private Dining Room

It was hot and a little dusty outdoors, so we went to the private dining room to enjoy our lunch.

Fried Squid Heads

Fried Squid Heads

Fried Squid Heads is our son’s favorite dish at Imay’s.

Baby Back Ribs

Baby Back Ribs

My favorite! Imay’s Baby Back Ribs are not mostly fat and bones but have plenty of great tasting, tender pork rib meat. Only two small bones, surrounded with nice pork BBQ rib meat. Wow! Onions rings come with the order. P190 for the Baby Back Ribs and they are the real deal with the right amount of grill charring.

Gary and Friends

Gary and Friends!

Next stop was Lopues Mandalagan Shopping Center on Lacson Street. There is a new open area in the back of Lopues where one can shop outdoors but the area is covered on top. One can find here almost any type Christian religious statue for home or garden!

On a note of interest. In this area behind Lopues is a new establishment opening next week. Fat Chef’s Bistro and Deli. The owner saw us looking in the restaurant windows and despite not even being open for business yet, he invited us in to take a look. The stock is very little at this point, since not officially opened, but we were allowed to buy Croissants with strawberry filling, which are imported from Germany. In the refrigerated showcase, I saw different cheeses, sausages and cold cuts. I also saw jars of German Sauerkraut on the shelves, among some other imported items. Their restaurant menu was still being developed but deli sandwiches will be available and I noticed clam chowder, too.

Cool Birds

Cool Birds

Back home, our son decided to make some Cool Birds with modeling clay. He and everyone else were gearing up for the night’s Birthday Celebration for our best friend, Dudz.

Cool Cake

Cool Cake!

Our son’s cool birds found their way to the top of the cake.

Grilled Pork

Grilled Pork Liempo

Don’t be concerned, as I trimmed the fat before eating the liempo.

Cake Smearing

Cake Smearing!

My wife is always the culprit. People at a birthday party are going to get their face smeared with cake icing.

We had a nice Birthday meal for our friends. Grilled Liempo, BBQ  Chicken and Lasagna were the main meal items. After the meal, we sang karaoke until 1130pm. Friday, my voice was hoarse!

Totally Thursday was a fun filled day for us all. Lunch at Imay’s, window and real shopping at Lopues Mandalagan and a Birthday Party, BBQ and Karaoke Jam Session to cap the evening.

It really is more fun in the Philippines! Especially in the Bacolod area.

I hope to ………..

See you around Bacolod!

See you around Bacolod!













2 thoughts on “Totally Thursday in Bacolod

  1. Gary,

    Great article!! Though we don’t care for Imay’s because of a bad experience we had there, the art5icle is still interesting and informative. I don’t know where you get the stamina and strength to do all the things you and your family is doing every week. I get tired just lifting a San Miguel.

    Best regards

  2. Thank you much, Jim. When we first moved to Bacolod, Grace’s biggest concern was that I would become bored since I would no longer be teaching English 5 days a week. However, I made it a point to ease her mind by finding things to do and I have. In some respects, I do miss living on the farm and having some small time agri projects going, like raising the native darag chickens but I really didn’t do any actual work raising those chickens. However, I do not regret moving to the actual city, as we are still near enough to enjoy the countryside life and our farm on weekends when we want to. Bacolod City has much more to offer than the farm did!

    We were out and about yesterday and capped the day with supper at Rio Bella Pizzaria. I ordered their veal bratwurst, served with a large portion of rosti. Rosti is the Swiss version of scattered hash browns, only the potatoes are shredded a little thicker and has bacon in them. P140 for that dish and it was great. I could only eat have the large order of rosti, so I can polish those off tonight!

    Grace thinks Rio Bella has the best pancit bihon in town, which also has one of the Swiss sausages cut up in it with the other additions. It is a kicked up pancit, for sure, if one enjoys that sort of dish. Other than great pizza, Rio Bella has a very diverse menu of Italian, Swiss and other European dishes, a Filipino menu and a budget meal menu. They sell ice cold beer, too.

    Have a great week!

    ~ Gary ~

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