Rio Bella Pizzaria In Bacolod


Rio Bella Pizzaria

Rio Bella Pizzaria

Located on Lacson Extension, near Alijis Road, is Rio Bella Pizzaria & Bar. Rio Bella has quickly become our favorite pizza restaurant in Bacolod City. My wife, son and I really enjoy the pizza made at Rio Bella. I judge a pizza by its crust and it does not matter to me what the toppings are, if the crust is not very good, the pizza is a failure. We dined and ordered pizza at Rio Bella Pizzaria at least a half dozen times and every pizza has been a smashing success! There are 17 different pizzas to choose from on the menu and our favorite is the pepperoni pizza. Basically because it is our son’s favorite!

XL Pepperoni Pizza

XL Pepperoni Pizza

Our good friend, Randy, is helping us eat this massive XL pizza! No, we could not finish it, so we had a lot of pizza to take home with us, to enjoy again. Which we did!



Rio Bella Pizzaria has a number of Swiss dishes on their menu. We ordered rosti and we really enjoyed it. Rosti is coarsely grated potatoes which are mostly fried but they can be baked in an oven. Rosti is more like the Southern Style homemade hash brown potatoes that I grew up eating. Rosti is nothing like the hash browns one orders at Jollebee or McDonald. I refer to rosti as “scattered hash browns” and not one large lump of commercial cookie cutter potatoes. I will add that the rosti on the platter is only half the amount that came with the order, as we could not wait to dig in!

The menu at Rio Bella Pizzaria is in English and German. There are also several Filipino dishes on the menu. Schnitzel (a breaded cutlet meat dish) and wurst (sausages) are a few more available Swiss dishes among several others. My wife has ordered the popular Filipino dish, Pancit Bihon, several times and she rates it as “Excellent.”



The decor is nice in Rio Bella Pizzaria and it gives off an Old World or European atmosphere in the Bacolod Area.

Every time we have dined at Rio Bella Pizzaria, there have always been other expats there at different times of the day, Noon, later afternoon and evening. This is usually a good indicator to me that the food is good but I know that already!

Other dishes on the menu, which many expats enjoy, are chili con carne, Cordon Bleu, fish & chips, and Caesar Salad, among a host of others. If you enjoy beer with your pizza or other dishes, the beer is always ice cold! The wait staff are very friendly and the service is very good. The owner is also very friendly and she has chatted with us before at our table.

Rio Bella is a newer addition to the dining scene in Bacolod and we really enjoy it. We look forward to our next pizza at Rio Bella. The bar is separate from the restaurant, so taking one’s children and family to enjoy pizza and Swiss food won’t be a problem. It is a family atmosphere. You will also most likely see other expats there, so maybe you will meet some new friends?



7 thoughts on “Rio Bella Pizzaria In Bacolod

  1. Great review Gary we might go there soon as we like pizza and sausages!

    I’ve got a couple of tips on how to improve your blog (mostly about pictures)so send me a text message if you’re interested.

    I had your number but due to a memory crash on my phone it disappeared.

  2. Thanks, Martin! I will send you a text tomorrow. Too late tonight, lol.

    Rio Bella has Veal Bratuwurst and 2 or 3 other sausages. Some of those are great on pizza, too. A couple days ago, an expat motorcycle club stopped in Rio Bella and they were crowded but it is a decent size restaurant.

    ~ Gary ~

      • Hi Roger!

        The demand for pizza in Bacolod is AMAZING.

        The last time pizza was this popular in Bacolod was in the early 90’s due to the Ninja turtles and the only ones who ate it were kids.

        There were only a few places to get pizza. Shakey’s, Yummy Yummy and Greenwich (before it went mainstream.)

      • Thank you for your appreciated comments, Roger and Martin!

        We had pizza at Greeno’z Pizza in a Nipa Hut several years ago and enjoyed it. I haven’t heard of Papa George Pizza and it must have been before my time. We ordered 2 of the largest pizzas at Mama Maria’s several years ago to take to my wife’s Elementary Alumni Party. Both were eaten pretty quickly.

        I first began eating pizza in mom and pop pizzarias in Middletown, Rhode Island in the States, way back in the 60s. I was only a kid in those days but that began my love affair with good pizza. Those pizzarias were owned by Portuguese and a few Italians. Fabulous pizzas! If I can get a little pizza crust dough residue on my hand while eating, I am happy! If I see a bubble or two on the pizza, I am also happy. I never eat pizza with a fork and a knife. I am also not fond of the square cut pizza or the round, small personal pizzas served whole and round. Pizza slices are supposed to be triangle in shape.

        Have a great week!

        ~ Gary ~

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