2013 New Year in Bacolod City

We brought the 2013 New Year in right with lots of fireworks, a party with a fiesta amount of food and a 3 hour karaoke marathon singing contest. We finally called it a long night right before sunrise on New Year’s Day.

New year

Fireworks light up the sky

Our personal fireworks show started at 11pm and finished at 1am!

New Year

Fruit and Drinks

It is a family New Year tradition to have 12 different fruits on hand, to bring in the New Year. This year was no exception!

New Year

Whole Roasted Pig

Someone pulled some crispy skin off the roasted pig’s back before it was cut!

It wasn't us!

It wasn’t us!

Nah, I didn’t think so!

We are Fami-i-ly

We are Fam-i-ly!

Bad Moon Risin'

Bad Moon Rising!

I was the first to sing in the 3 hour karaoke marathon singing contest and “Bad Moon Rising,” originally by the Creedence Clearwater Revival, was my song. I scored 96 out of 100 with that blast from the past!

Getting Ready

That’s What Friends Are For

Welcome 2013

Welcome 2013!

And that, we did! In a marvelous way. Fun was had by everyone and we look forward to 2014 New Year Celebration, next time.

Here is wishing everyone a very Happy 2013 New Year. A year full of joy, peace, happiness, health and prosperity!





11 thoughts on “2013 New Year in Bacolod City

  1. Even I know everyone loves the pig skin, I am surprised there is only a small section of pig skin missing. I have eaten pig skin a few times myself but I like the meat much better, I think it is just a Pilipino cultural thing. Bad Moon Rising 96 out of 100? hum? I am guessing you were judged by Pilipinos? I actually plan to take some singing lessons one day myself, once I move to PI permanently. I know karaoke is very big in PI, so I want to enjoy and participate also in singing. I know I sing very poorly and out of tune. If you score 96 I am likely around 50, so my hat is off to you on that.

    I am glad you are there in PI and I hope you are enjoying life there also. I am planning to be there in 3 years. It is a long time from now it seems but I am ready and waiting and maybe I will come there sooner? Only God knows but that is my plan. I wish you and yours the best in 2013.

  2. Hi Rick,

    Thanks for dropping by and making a comment. It is nice hearing from you.

    That was the third roasted pig since Christmas Eve but I only eat the ribs. Filipinos love the crispy skin of the roasted pig, aka “lechon.” I ate a lot of lasanga at the New Year Party. That was my special treat.

    Actually, the karaoke system grades the singers and gives a score at the end of every song. I was up against some tough competition since many Filipinos are excellent singers. Surprisingly, 98 was the highest score of the singing contest. The winning song was “You Give Love a Bad Name,” an old Bon Jovi song. A younger Filipino in his early 30s won the contest and the P1,000 prize.

    I’ve been singing karaoke since 1993, when I lived in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. I was a poor singer when I started, mainly because I was shy to really sing and not just read the words from karaoke to the beat of the song, which is what I did at first. It just takes practice to build up confidence and singing songs you know really well.

    Life is great here in the Philippines for me and my family. Everyday is a new adventure for me because I make it that way. Something new with every sunrise. It wouldn’t be as great without my wife and our son. We also have wonderful Filipino friends and family members. And some good expat friends from America, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

    Three years sounds like a long time off but I think it will go by quickly for you, however, never quickly enough when you want to be some place else. It took my wife and I six years of working together to be financially able to make the move to Bacolod in 2009. The waiting was not fun but well worth it, as we arrived with the means to do what we needed to do and wanted to do for us to have a wonderful life here.

    Take care,

    ~ Gary ~

    • Well then you are quiet a good singer then. I do like Bon Jovi the cowboy song of course, CCR is good also. I am in Tallahassee right now. Been to Ft Walton several times, I lived in Pensacola before this. We talked before. I grew up in Montgomery till about age 12 or 13 so we have a good bit in common.

      Not sure where I will settle and stay once in live in PI. Bacolod is possible; you certainly opened my eyes to think about the place there. I have not been to Bacolod yet. I am thinking about Cebu or maybe Bohol, the scuba diving is great at both of these locations but I bet the scuba diving is pretty great anywhere to be honest. My 6th trip will be April 2013. Looking at going to Cebu and Butuan City only this time. I do like to read your posts on the yahoo new groups, you always have good information and not trying to pick fights with other readers over little issues in the posts. I think you have seen alot of that.

      See ya………. 1 day.

      • Rick,

        Yes, I remember we talked before and you are in Tallahassee. I worked at the Apalachee Center For Human Services in Tally for several years. Barnacle Bill’s was one of my fav restaurants, together with Bahn Thai.

        I am looking forward to the Alabama- Notre Dame Championship game. Roll Tide!

        We have been to Cebu City before, 2 X. All other Philippine travels have been to Iloilo/Panay Island, all around Negros Occidental, Manila, Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan and Batangas. We love Bacolod and Negros Occidental and we also like Iloilo/Panay Island, as we have been there 4 or 5 times.

        Thanks about my post on the Yahoo Philippine Group. I am one of the List Guide/Moderators of LinP3 but I am not the only one. I enjoy posting and reading others posts, too. I don’t allow any in group fighting in posts on the group and will reject a post in a heartbeat over that issue.

        Take care and I hope to see you in Bacolod one day. I hope you find the good place where you will enjoy settling in the Philippines.

        ~ Gary ~

      • So is living in PI as good as I hope? I only come to PI for vacation, 2.5 to 4 weeks at a time. I am guessing it is what you make it? Moving around the world is a big step but I at least want to try it for a few years. I think I can make it in PI OK. I love the people and the culture, so I think that is a good start but I realize there is more to it than that.

        I am about 2 city blocks from Bahn Thai if it is the one downtown on Monroe Street. Been to Barnacle Bill’s several times. There is a better seafood restaurant almost across the street from Bahn Thai on south Monroe call Shells Oyster Bar, it has been there for years.

  3. Rick,

    Living in Bacolod is great for us. I don’t think it would be as great for us if we lived elsewhere in the Philippines. Each area is not the same, as you probably already know and each person has to find the place or area that suits them best. Bacolod suits us best.

    If you love the Philippines people and the Philippines culture, it is a big first step. Some expats are unhappy living in the Philippines because it is not like their home country and it never will be. The Philippines is not even trying to be like the USA, UK, Australia or any other country.

    Bahn Thai is on Monroe Street. When I dined there, it was owned by an American and his Thai wife but the last time I was there in Tallahassee was in 1995. There was an oyster restaurant on Monroe, which was in what looked like an old 1950s-1960s gas station building but I don’t recall the name.

    Take care,

    ~ Gary ~

  4. Happy New Year Gary! We really had a lot of fun this year! Happy anniversary on your blog (Febuary) which also happens to be my Birth Month (Febuary 6)

    Wishing you and your family a prosperous new year!

  5. Happy New Year, Martin! Thanks. We had a lot of fun this year, too. Wishing you a very great 2013, full of peace, joy, health and prosperity!

    Are you planning a Big Blow Out on February 6 for your Birthday?

    ~ Gary ~

    • Hi!

      No I am not planning anything special for my birthday since it is so near to the start of my board exams.. February 10!

      Probably a pizza and that’s it 🙂

      • HI,

        Have you checked out Rio Bella Pizza? It is our favorite pizza place in Bacolod. It is on Lacson Ext, near Alijis Rd. We were there yesterday and I re-took the photos that our old camera messed up. This time, I used our new digital camera but I am waiting on Grace to upload the photos so I can do a blog, as an expat hang out. The pizza is very good. There are also some good Swiss dishes on their menu, such as rosti, which is similar to hash brown potatoes. I plan to cover some of the Swiss dishes, too, on my blog. There have also been several expats at Rio Bella when we dined there, even in the afternoons. There were 3 there yesterday at 130pm.

        Have you been to Tostidos, located in Sorento Plaza? It is a new Mexican place but I have do idea who owns it. We haven’t checked it out because we make very good Mexican food at home!

        ~ Gary ~

      • Hello Gary, No I haven’t been to Rio Bella’s. I’m back in Manila (Quezon City) right now preparing for my board exams in February. I will try it out when I get back.

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