Mexican Night in Bacolod

The conversations among the American expat community in Bacolod has centered around Mexican Food lately. One expat told how he can make refried beans from pinto beans. Another expat and a good friend told us about a new Mexican Restaurant that opened up at Sorrento’s, “Tostados.” I haven’t checked out Tostados yet but I plan to, with an open mind. I think the best Mexican Food, thus far, is found right in our home.

We recently had Mexican Night in our home. I have many of the ingredients to make Mexican food but not all. It isn’t 100% authentic but close enough for my taste.


Tostados on a Corn Tortilla

This is the Mexican dish that I know as Tostados. It is a corn tortilla layered with refried beans, ground beef (I used ground round beef from SM Supermarket), tomatoes, onions, shredded cheddar cheese and taco or picante sauce. The corn tortillas are Mega Mexicana brand, product of the Philippines, and were purchased at SM Supermarket. The refried beans are Ortega brand, purchased at Lopues Mandalagan Supermarket.

tapatio picante sauce

Tapatio Salsa Picante

The Tapatio Salsa Picante Hot Sauce was purchased at Shopper’s Pick, across the street from Robinsons Place on Lacson Street.


Tostados on a Flour Tortilla

The same exact ingredients, only this is on a flour tortilla instead of a corn tortilla. The flour tortillas are also Mega Mexicana brand, product of the Philippines, and purchased at SM Supermarket.

Mexican Night would not be Mexican Night without tacos! After these tostados, I went a little light with the tacos.

Chicken Taco

Chicken Taco

Chicken Taco

Chicken Taco

These were light chicken tacos. I added refried beans, shredded chicken and diced tomatoes and onions. I left off the cheese but I didn’t forget the Tapatio Salsa Picante. It is Mexican hot sauce but not so hot. SM Supermarket  sells packets of Taco Seasoning and Fajita Seasoning, McCormick brand, if you are not into making your own or if you lack all the ingredients.

Mexican Night during December in Bacolod!

13 thoughts on “Mexican Night in Bacolod

    • Hey Jim, what about my blog? Haha. Just joking. Hope Kusters makes a comeback soon. Maybe you can introduce more varieties if you could find a good spice/seed supplier.

      Incidentally did you know that due to a retarded senator, Poppy seeds are banned in the Philippines

      • Hello Martin,

        At the risk of having Gary mad at me for life, I still have to say that your blog is the first and the best of all the Philippine related blogs I’ve seen.

        In regards to Kuster’s Kustom Ham, we’re in the process of setting-up some other distribution just until the Ayala Mall opens. It’s funny but we’re still selling ham, bagels, Lumpia Shanghai, etc. on almost a daily basis. As you know we closed the kiosk at Lopue’s for a couple of reasons not the least of which was the death of my mother in Oregon. Marilu went to Oregon which left no one to oversee the kiosk — a situation that we absolutely have to remedy in the near future. Past that the kiosk was making money.

        Best regards
        Jim Custer

      • Hello Martin,

        Regarding the poppy seed situation. We were offering bagels with poppy seeds until we found out poppy seeds were against the law. If you have a craving for poppy seeds let me know. We still have a couple bottles left.

        Best regards
        Jim Custer

  1. Thank you, Jim, for your nice comments. It is much appreciated.

    I have been amazed at the number of expats, mostly Americans, who have contacted me this year about their interest in Bacolod. Several have already moved to Bacolod now and some are moving here in 2013. Others still have a few more years to go before retirement and before they can make the move. I only see greater things ahead for the Greater Bacolod Area.

    Best Regards,

    ~ Gary ~

      • Hello Martin,

        Thanks for the nice message. I agree with you and Gary — Bacolod is growing like the proverbial weed. New buildings are being built at the speed of sound; new restaurants are opening every day; others are closing every day. Right now is an exciting time to live in the Bacolod area.

        Best regards
        Jim Custer

  2. Hi Martin,

    Thank you for your compliments! I enjoy your blog, too, with tips on new Bacolod based restaurants. Bacolod Food Hunters was one of the first blogs about Bacolod I ever learned about more than 3 years ago. Jim has told other expats about the Bacolod Food Hunters, same as I have. Jim has lived here longer than I have.

    A number of expats in Bacolod get together every other month. Some get together once a month. Where to buy certain food products and good places to eat are always among the topics that come up during our luncheons.

    I am still reading The Hunger Game, but slow going, he he. Thanks for the contest and have a good week!

    ~ Gary ~

    • Jim and Gary,

      I’m going to tweet a picture to showing how overpriced bagels are in S&R. You can see that a Pack of four costs about 150! (check the twitter section right hand side.).

      I was there earlier and they only had 2 flavors
      blueberry bagels and wheat bagels. These are flown in from the USA. They’re not even as fresh as the ones Jim makes and these are horrible mass produced ones.

      Jim, thank you so much for the offer on the poppy seeds! Can you spare a bottle or so? The problem is that I’m in Manila as of the moment studying for the medical board exam. If you have the time could you please just leave a bottle at the negros museum cafe c/o Gemma Nijssen. They’ll send it to me. Thank you so much!

      Gary, I’m thrilled that you are trying to read the hunger games in Filipino. How is Garyl doing with the Doraemon comics?

      Goodnight all!

      • Hello Martin,

        We dropped the poppy seeds off at the Museum Cafe yesterday. I sent a note to your Yahoo! address explaining why the bottle had been opened.


      • Dear Jim,

        Hello! I didn’t get your note in my mail. Thank you so much for the poppy seeds! It doesn’t matter if it is opened. That stuff is like gold.

        I texted the girl in charge to give you a free sandwich but according to them you left in a hurry.

        Please do drop by again anytime and grab your sandwich 🙂

      • Hi Martin,

        I wish you the very best in your Medical Board Exam. Top Notcher!!

        Garryl has read his Doraemon Comic several times already. Enjoys it and thanks again!

        Have a good evening!

        ~ Gary ~

      • Hello Martin,

        Thank-you for the free sandwich!! Good luck on your Medical Boards. Soon as you find an office let me know. I want to be your first patient (assuming you’re not an OBGYN).

        Best regards

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