Gangnam Style-Bacolod Style

The Korean Wave is popular in Bacolod City. We can watch Korean TV shows on ABS-CBN TV but the language is in Tagalog. There are many Korean students and Korean business owners in our city. New Korean restaurants open up almost monthly. Pizzaro is a pizzeria located in Goldenfield, Bacolod, which also has Korean food on their menu. There are a number of small Korean grocery stores in the city. SM Supermarket has one half aisle of Korean food products.

One of my favorite restaurants in Ft Walton Beach, Florida was The Seoul House. Gina’s Place was another good Korean Restaurant. Korean owned and manged. They both had great Korean food that was the Real Deal! They did not pull punches and they served Korean food that was not catered or changed for anyone. Korean food is what you ordered and Korean food is what you got! Yes, it is spicy and it is hot. I really enjoy good kimchi and it is available all around Bacolod. It would be nice to find the ultimate real deal Korean Restaurant in Bacolod City. It is still elusive at this point. Help?

This was a great program put on by students at a local school. Gangnam Style-Bacolod Style!

Gangnam Style-Bacolod Style


This wasn’t exactly a Gangnam Style flash mob, but still a great performance. Parents, students, teachers and others in attendance were doing the Gangnam style at their seats, as others were standing in the background. With hands on my hips, even I can break out into the leg kicking Gangnam style routine. I was riding horses back in rural Alabama when I was still a teenager, so that is the easy part. Oppa is just my style.


3 thoughts on “Gangnam Style-Bacolod Style

  1. glad to see your kid is having fun! And thanks for joining my contest! I hope you win but if you do I’ll change the prize because the book is in Tagalog!

  2. Thank you, Martin. I think the adults had as much fun with the Gangnam Style-Bacolod Style as the students.

    You are welcome about entering your contest. My Tagalog reading skills are not so great, he he. Many can read a 2nd or 3rd language better than speaking or listening but I do pretty good watching the evening teleseries on ABS-CBN. Action and words help! I watch Ina, Kapatid, Anak, which has Kim Chiu in it and Kahit Puso’y Masugatan, which has Gabby Concepcion and Andi Eigenmann. I watch those every night!

    BTW, we met Gabby Concepcion last year at the Grand Opening of Dok Manok in East Gate. Too bad they already closed down!

    ~ Gary ~

    • Thats great to hear that you watch those shows. Now If you win I won’t have any problems! Anyway the first drawing of the contest was done and a girl won a book (by random drawing). There was someone who even cut and paste a poem! A poem!!

      I was not even having a poetry contest! I know how to spot a plagiarized work and of course I let the person know I was on to her.

      You’re still in the running for the next drawing of the 2nd book winner which will be held on November 26.

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