Indian Food in Bacolod Philippines

Indian Restaurant

It is Sunday and the day we explore all around the Bacolod Area after church service. Thanks to a tip from a poster, Pepe, on the Bacolod Food Hunters, right here on Word Press, we found this small Indian Restaurant. In line with sharing to expats and others about unique and interesting things in the Bacolod Area, I felt the Indian Restaurant should receive honorable mention.

The Indian Restaurant also serves local Filipino food. We had lunch today at the Indian Restaurant, which is located on BS Aquino Drive, about 100 meters from the Barangay Hall of Villamonte in Bacolod. If you don’t look for it closely, you may miss it. It is a small restaurant with 6 picnic style tables indoors. Indian music is in the back ground. I won’t review the entire restaurant setting and I will leave that to the Bacolod Food Hunting Boyz, if they decide to. Believe me, there are many more Indian dishes to sample than what we had today! The food was cheap and it was good Indian cuisine. They are not set up to prepare Tandoori Chicken but no problem to us.Β 


The Samosas, fried Indian pastries with a savory filling of diced potatoes, green peas and ground meat were very good. Don’t be concerned, as it was either ground chicken, lamb or goat or maybe a combo! The samosas were served with a red colored chutney, which was not too spicy.

Spicy Yellow Biryani Rice

Our 6 year old son took one bite of the spicy yellow biryani rice and he was not too happy! Too spicy for him! We told him a trip to McDo was up next, just for him, so he was then a happy camper.

Vegetable Biryani Rice

Chicken Curry

I am kinda picky about chicken. If it is not Buffalo Wings, Southern Fried Chicken, Philippine Chicken Adobo or BBQ Chicken, I usually leave it alone! I really enjoyed the curry sauce, the carrots and peas in the chicken curry.

Goat Masala

I am a minority in my family in that I really enjoy goat and lamb, so I enjoyed the Goat Masala. It was not too spicy for my taste.

Fried Round Indian Pastries

I did not ask the name of these but I would suggest trying one to see what you think!

On the Way Out

This was another simple but great adventure day for me on a groovy Sunday afternoon in Bacolod! If you are looking for an upscale Indian restaurant in Bacolod, The Indian Restaurant is not it but it has a good sampling of famous Indian dishes that are very affordable.Several different beers and White Castle 69 Whisky are available. Our lunch bill today for 5 people, including drinks, was P467. Even though our son decided not to eat what he ordered, the 4 of us did eat it…for him. No leftovers to bring home or to feed our Belgian Malinois dog, Tasha.








4 thoughts on “Indian Food in Bacolod Philippines

  1. Hey Gary! So, another exciting Sunday adventure with the family! πŸ™‚ what a fun way to celebrate a “Groovy Sunday” after Sunday church/mass. I love that you always take photos of the signs, the locations/restaurants, the FOOD & prices! Not bad for 5 people for $11-12 bucks… I think my favorite of the lunch was the Yellow Curry Chicken…I just love that combination with vegies and coconut milk and curry of course. I was drooling just looking at all the delicious plates. I love Indian food and I do enjoy having special dishes when I dine out with friends here in Sacramento or when we’re in the Bay area. As for your lovely son, I don’t blame him for going with McDonald’s instead! πŸ™‚ Too cute.

    Well, as always, I’ve enjoyed your lovely adventure. Thanks for always sharing and making it exciting for us readers! πŸ™‚ Now i’m kinda hooked on reading your FUN blog daily. πŸ™‚
    haahaaahaaa…LoL. πŸ™‚

    Take care & have a blessed & lovely rest of the week. It’s Sunday here for us.

    Keep on smiling – Bacolod City Style! πŸ™‚

  2. Hey Beth,

    Thank you much for enjoying my blog. I like Indian food, too. When we were teaching in China, we had 300 Indian medical students studying at one of the local universities in our city. They trained a Chinese couple how to prepare the favorite Indian dishes, supplied them with the authentic ingredients and they had a restaurant near the university gate. We would eat there often.

    I also ordered a cheeseburger, but not the double cheeseburger, at McDo, so our son would not be the only one eating. The others with us ordered ice cream. McDo in the Philippines is promoting the new BIG n Tasty Burger, which is loaded with lettuce, tomato and pickles; it is P128. It is pretty good but I don’t eat at McDo very often.

    Take care and have a blessed week!

    ~ Gary ~

    • great post as usual gary! I loved that your son stuck it out through the “ordeal” lol.. funny.
      I love Indian food!! We must have missed each other by minutes!!

  3. Too bad we missed each other, Martin. We would have been there longer at the Indian Restaurant but we knew our son was getting even more hungry and he would not try eating anything else since he took a bite of the spicy yellow rice. I was going to order one more beer and eat some more but the ordeal was long enough at that point for a hungry 6 year old.

    ~ Gary ~

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