By The Sea Garden Resort

By The Sea

Located in Talisay City, just north of Bacolod, is By The Sea Garden Resort. There are several nice seaside resorts in the Bacolod Area but many only offer a few native cottages by the sea, overnight lodging, a resto bar and a karaoke machine. Nothing fancy but a very inexpensive place to kill half a day with some fun with friends and family. A great place to have a BBQ, a picnic or order food from the restaurant to enjoy with a few cold ones.

Last Sunday, we went to By The Sea Garden Resort in Talisay. We were the first and only guests there at the time. Su Tu Kill Resto was closed, as was the flea market but we were still determined to have some fun by the sea!

Family Album

A photo to add to the FamilyAlbum! Directly behind us is where clams are harvested. The photos were taken in a kubo, or a native nipa and bamboo cottage, located at the end of a pier.

Silhouette By the Sea

We never did see any clams but we did see some mud crabs!

Mud Crab

To the left of the pier piling is a mud crab.

Reflections By The Sea

Shortly after this photo was taken, it became very windy, so we moved from the cottage at the end of the pier to the small open sided restaurant at the resort. About 5 minutes after our drinks arrived, a tornadic water spout blew in from the sea and damaged the nipa cottage we had just left! All the picnic tables were strewn about and left standing on end. We were blessed that day not to be injured. In the open sided restaurant, our drinks were toppled over, as were some chairs due to the strong wind but we weren’t injured. A Filipino couple in another nipa cottage sustained minor injuries when the cottage collapsed around them.

Needless to say, our food was one hour late arriving. The slightly inured couple refused to seek medical treatment and were treated to a nice lunch and rounds of drinks on the house.

It was only merienda or afternoon snack time for us, so we ordered house fried chicken and Pancit Canton Ilonggo Special, which is a Filipino noodle dish, similar to Lo mein or chow mein. Both are simple dishes but were good. Nothing to complain about at all!

While nothing spectacular, By The Sea Garden Resort offers a few hours of fun during a family outing. For the romantics, By The Sea offers overnight lodging for P1,200 per night.





11 thoughts on “By The Sea Garden Resort

  1. I just wanted to say, i just got signed up to receive your blog emails and i really enjoy reading them……..keep on writing………….!


  2. It’s lovely reading your blog; I really enjoy reading your wonderful stories of fun and adventure. I remember passing by or driving by Talisay between Bacolod and Silay City. I remember one side of the narrow freeway is the beautiful seaside/ocean and the other sugarcane plantation…is it still the same for the s.c.plantation?
    I also remember some evenings during sunset, driving home from our trip to Bacolod, we saw the most beautiful, bright, breathtaking sight of the sun setting. One can’t help but stop by the side of the road and watch in amazement – with eyes wide open embracing the moment, the radiant beauty of God’s wondrous creation. “When the sun achieves its greatest splendor, it delights the viewer´s eye. Just a magnificent gift from nature.” Sunset by the sea especially in Talisay/Silay is peaceful. I can truly spend my entire life just watching the sunset by the sea. Do you & your beautiful wife enjoy watching sunsets there in Bacolod? Not far from the Bacolod Plaza there used to be a hotel/restaurant called SeaBreeze; is it still there?
    Beth regards,

  3. About the tropical storm, it’s a blessing your family skipped that horrible freak of nature. Wow, I bet that felt close. May not want to stop by there on our visit this time next year.

    take care,

  4. Hi Beth,

    Thank you again for your very nice compliments. Yes, there is still sugar cane on one side of the highway and a view of the sea on the other in many towns, cities and municipalities in this part of Negros Occidental. Fisheries and sugar cane are two main sources of income for many people in the Bacolod Area.It would be nice if sugar cane could be harvested more than once each year!

    I agree that the sunsets are beautiful in this area over the sea.

    The Sea Breeze Hotel is still near The Plaza in Bacolod and it is not far from the SM Mall, which was built in the reclamation area. SM Mall Bacolod opened in early 2007 and it is currently under construction to be enlarged.

    There are many new hotels in Bacolod City and in the price range of P1,000 per night. L’Fisher, The Sugar Land, Luxur Place and the other older hotels now have a lot of competition.

    The Lord was watching over us last Sunday when the tornadic water spout came up without warning. The chances of that happening again in the same spot would probably be slim but we probably won’t be going back to By The Sea since there is not too much to do there but it was fun for the one time visit on a Groovy Sunday Afternoon!

    After 3 years full time in the area, there are still a number of places we have not visited yet! The Ruins in Barangay Bata is one of our favorite places and we have been there 3 or 4 times. There is a restaurant on grounds that has pretty decent Italian food.

    Take care and God bless,

    ~ Gary ~

  5. Hello Gary,

    Thanks for reminding Marilu and I about this restaurant/resort. We used to go there pretty regularly a couple years ago. I think we kind of drifted away because they seemed to have a problem keeping people. There was always someone new to geet used to dealing with. The place is owned by a Filipino doctor who spent most of his career practicing in the USA. I think he was a surgeon. Either way he’s a heck of a nice guy. I know he’s poured a lot of money into the resort.

    Best regards
    Jim Custer

  6. Hello Jim,

    Thanks for the background information about By The Sea. Other than the water spout nearly blowing us away, we enjoyed the Sunday we went and the food was ok.

    Best Regards,

    ~ Gary ~

  7. After familiarizing the place, I paused in the tall Nipa cottage that catches the resort’s overhead view. It was probably the best spot among the many cottages lining along the poolside. Aside from catching the resort’s overhead view, I enjoyed watching the sea that was very close me. The afternoon sea breeze whispers me to take a nap as I was listening to the songs I stored in my phone. Moments in this kind of place sometimes makes me forget the cares of the world.

    I love the place! I wonder how they taken the name, By the Sea

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