Gardening in the Philippines

With the severe drought in the USA, it is predicted that food prices will rise 10% or more world wide on into 2013. The Philippines imports a lot of wheat from the USA, together with soybean meal and beef. The prices will be higher in the days ahead.

Since 2009, when we moved to the Philippines, we grow some of our own vegetables. We now live in the city in a subdivision but we still grow potted vegetables and we grow some vegetables on the small strip of soil that we have in front of our house.

The good news is that we still have our other house and farm, located south of Bacolod about a one hour drive, and we recently began preparing for a larger garden.

Our  home garden

Initially, we planted long green beans and pechay, which is Filipino bokchoy. It is the rainy season now in our area of the Philippines, so it is a gamble to plant anything right now, so we will add more to the garden after September. Eggplant, sweet peppers, hot peppers, Spanish onions and tomatoes are what we are soon targeting.
We have many free range chickens at our farm and we have two “chicken houses” that the chickens like to use when laying eggs. 

Chicken House


Someone trying to sneak in and rustle some chickens. Only joking! It is our niece, who was in the sugar cane field looking for some lost chicks who strayed off. No luck.

Orchids and Plants

My wife’s hobby.

More Orchids and Plants

The orchids in the background are growing on driftwood mounts. The nicer ones in our area can be sold for up to P5,000 each or a little more than $100 USD.

We raise sugar cane and rice commercially and we plan to increase our home production of vegetables.

It really is more fun in the Philippines!










2 thoughts on “Gardening in the Philippines

  1. Hello Gary,

    Your garden looks nice. A year or two ago we had a garden on the lot next door to our house. We raised a lot of vegetables (onions, peppers, corn, etc.). Our driver planted and maintained the garden up until the time he wrecked our son’s car. No more driver–no more garden. I’m kind of wanting to plant hot peppers in pots as soon as the rainey season starts drawing to a close. Jim

  2. Hello Jim,

    Thank you. Good help is not so hard to find but hard to keep. We had a caretaker who was going to run a 1/2 hectare vegetable farm for us. We have 1.3 hectares of rice planted and nothing going on with the 1/2 hectare. We had a vegetable supplier lined up to buy the entire harvest of hot peppers, sweet peppers, eggplant and ampalaya or bitter gourd. But the care taker got greedy and cheated us on supplies and material that we gave him money for, so Grace let him go.

    What is sad is that he actually studied many seminars at East West Seed Company and he knew what he was doing concerning agriculture. He could have made *a lot* more than what he ripped off if he had been honest and stayed with us.

    ~ Gary ~

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