Green Shell Mussels

Mussels have long been one of my favorite seafood even before I ever came to the Philippines. I am blessed here in that you can buy a kilo, or 2.2 pounds, of mussels in Bacolod City for less than $2 USD. P50-P70 is the going price at the public market where we shop, depending on what you can bargain them for. Many local people in the Bacolod Area refer to mussels as “Green Shells.”

When steamed or boiled, the green shell mussels have a nice, natural red color.

Green Shell Mussels

These mussels were prepared by boiling them in salt water, taking off the top shell, garnishing them with fried slivers of garlic and grated cheese, and then baking until the cheese melted.

WoW! Now, we are talking. I really enjoyed these mussels, as always.

Mussels and Fries

I don’t  eat much rice on a daily basis, so my wife prepared fries instead. The ketchup with the fries is mixed with wasabi, to kick them up a notch. I also like wasabi as a dip with the mussels. My lovely wife studied Culinary Science in Singapore and she also knows the gadgets to use. She has a cutter to turn out the crinkle cut or waffle style potatoes when doing the French Fries. All this was done in our home, as you just can’t get food this good in a restaurant! My wife also taught me about cooking, although, I must say that I was not a novice before. I have improved!

Mussels are very healthy, so no need to be concerned. Mussels are grittier and chewier than oysters but they are still very good  for you and they make your tum, tum, tummy very happy!

Mussels are actually low in calories and low in fat but rich in protein. Believe It… Or Not? It is true, you can believe it!

Mussels are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Vitamins B, Vitamin C, folate, iron, manganese, potassium, zinc, phosphorus and selenium. Vitamin B-12, especially! Mussels are sounding better all the time.

There are many ways to prepare mussels and you can use them to create many dishes. For me, I like them on the half shell. If I am preparing mussels only for myself, I like to steam them in beer. Beer steamed mussels. Don’t worry, the alcohol in the beer is not in the mussels. Beer is not only for drinking but good to use in steaming seafood. Beer steamed crabs also rock!

Green Shell Mussels are available very cheaply in every area of the Philippines that I have ever visited or where I have lived. Mussels are really an incredible seafood! Great taste, healthy and packed full of nutrients.












7 thoughts on “Green Shell Mussels

  1. LOL, that was my nickname before, Walrus. But not these days. My wife was complaining about my mustache, so I trimmed it. Someone asked me once if I was a wrestler! I had a full size fu man chu mustache at that time.

    The mussels are prepared the same way I like oysters.
    Have a good one!

  2. Too bad you can’t get bangus in your location. I like the butterflied, boneless bangus which is deep fried. It is awesome. I also like smoked bangus.
    Take care and blessings,

    ~ Gary ~

  3. can I place an order of some of that delicious & healthy mussels to go with fries? 🙂 sounds so yummy. Gary, I like to prepare mine with fresh garlic and white wine…divine! 🙂

  4. Coming right up, Elizabeth, lol. There is some great and inexpensive seafoods around Bacolod. I enjoy all the shellfish. Diwal or angel wing clams are a favorite and the town of Valladolid, south of Bacolod, are famous for them.

    Have a good day,

    ~ Gary ~

    • Nagalaway na gid ako. I can taste the deliciousness & freshness of the sea. 🙂 Next time I come home to Bacolod, i will definitely ask my family members-Titas to prepare me some of these mussels with ginger or garlic or wine…however prepared. I just want to taste them again fresh from Negros. 🙂
      best regards.

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