McDo Kiddie Crew Workshop

This was the first week of school being out until June, when the new academic year begins in Bacolod City. Our son was interested to attend the McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop. Today was the last day of the workshop and the students received their certificates. Our son learned how to make burgers, he learned accounting practices and he had a great experience with fun, games, all the McDo food and drinks and making new friends. I think each of the kiddies gained a pound or more! I think I did, too!! Hey, it is only once per year.

McDo Kiddie Crew

Our son and others received their work shop certificate today. Now, they know how to make burgers, McDonald style. The lone pickle, diced onions, ketchup and mustard makes the difference!

It's Ronald Time

All the Kiddie Crew were waiting for today. Seeing Ronald McDonald.

Ronald Can Dance

The Kiddie Crew enjoyed dancing with Ronald McDonald.

Non-Stop Dancing

The entire McDo Kiddie Crew had a blast this week learning all about McDonalds. I tip my hat to the McDonald Hostess of the Work Shop, who did a great job entertaining the Kiddie Crew for 5 days. There may have been some future managers and even a few District Managers in attendance this week during the workshop. Time will tell.

I don’t personally eat at McDo often, but a Big Mac or Fillet-O-Fish every now in then won’t hurt me.


3 thoughts on “McDo Kiddie Crew Workshop

  1. I salute McDo for organizing this kind of activity for kids. I’m sure this all participants will find this experience useful as they go on with their lives. 🙂
    McDo is a big part of my childhood. I remember those years when I cajoled my mom repeatedly just so she’d buy me a happy meal featuring a set of toys.

  2. Thank you for your post! I have also enjoyed McDo as a child, a teenager and as an adult. Since I am getting older but still not a Senior, I have been watching my diet somewhat, concerning fat and sodium, but I love the cheeseburgers from McDo, the Big Mac and the Fillet O Fish. Our son loves the happy meals with the toys. Concerning the McDo menu, our son really enjoys the fried chicken with rice and gravy. I like it, too.

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