Birthday Party In Bacolod

Nope, it was not my birthday party but the party we threw this month for a good friend, Jerson, who also happens to be one of the drivers for my wife’s taxi franchise.

That is me! Guarding the food. Ribs, fried chicken wings, spaghetti, kare kare, native pie, lumpia (egg rolls) and rice. Not bad for a party of six. A birthday party in the Philippines would not be complete without spaghetti. Long life!

Time to display the cake. No, we did not put 33 candles on the cake but we all know how old Jerson is. He knows, too, and says he is getting old na.

Hey, where did it go?

Someone lifted a wing or maybe two! I was distracted with the photo taking. Oh well, there are still plenty of fried chicken wings left.

Kare Kare

Now, we’re talking! Kare kare is my favorite dish in all of Philippines. Ox tail is usually in this wonderful dish but beef leg or beef internal organs can be used. Long green beans, pechay (Chinese cabbage or bok choy), and eggplant are the vegetables. All are cooked together in a delicious peanut sauce. If you want to save time, you can buy Mama Sita’s Kare Kare Mix, as it is complete and you only need to add the meat and veggies. Kare Kare is not complete without bagoong, shrimp paste, for dipping and rice! WOW. The peanut sauce is soooo delicious over rice. The bagoong is the finishing touch of flavor.

Party Favors

Gold Eagle Beer took a back seat to the Generoso Brandy, Tavernello Red Wine from Italy and Laughing Lizard Red Wine from Australia.

Our Niece Singing

It’s a good night for singing! A Birthday Party is not complete without singing.

Dawg is tired of hearing singing or else is hungry

My lovely wife had to see why Dawg was howling! Either the singing was not good or else he wanted some food.

It was not time to say “turn out the lights, the party’s over” until well after midnight but we will get to do this again very soon! With a large extended family, there always seems to be a Birthday, a Wedding, an Anniversary or sadly, a Funeral. These are all part of life in our area of the Philippines. Bacolod City, the City of Smiles.






3 thoughts on “Birthday Party In Bacolod

  1. I totally agree with having a large extended family and FOOD!!. In my family it It totally gets crazy during fiestas and christmas since there are THREE days devoted to christmas binging.. (Christmas eve, Christmas day and my Dad’s birthday). Plus not to mention that you’re expected to attend christmas parties at each of my friends houses.

    A few days later, bam it’s new years! Time to attend THREE new years parties all on the same day!

  2. Thank you, Martin.

    I really enjoy all the parties, holiday and personal celebrations and fiestas. December 25 is not only Christmas but it is also our Wedding Anniversary, so we have two separate wonderful occasions to celebrate on the same day.

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