Family Day In Bacolod

Nothing much happened in Bacolod City this morning except the potato chip vendor came by. It is usually quiet in our subdivision most everyday and every night. No loud cars or jeepneys, no loud trikes, no dogs barking other than our own Belgian Malinois, no loud karaoke and no hell raisers.

Another vendor did drop by selling lovebirds but he only had one! I don’t know how that happened but no one in their right mind is going to buy only one love bird. Not even at half price. My wife said the lone lovebird will die soon without a partner.

For lunch, we were excited to try the newest restaurant in Bacolod. Fat Boys! Fat Boys was recently reviewed by Bacolod Food Hunters, however, to our disappointment they are closed on Sundays. Too bad.We will check them out in the future.

Trey’s Restaurant is nearby, so we decided on it. Trey’s is famous among expats in Bacolod for their wonderful chicken fried steak with gravy. I had that dish the last time we ate at Trey’s, so today I had the steak taco. At P99, it is a good deal! It is loaded with steak strips with little lettuce and tomato as filler. Nice melted cheese on top. The salsa is homemade. Our son enjoys the deep fried, golden brown chicken tenders and I must admit, they are very good. The potato wedges are good, too! The mashed potatoes at Trey’s has the skin left on, so it is different and unique for our area.

Sunday was the last day of a 3 Day Sale at SM Department Store with 30%-70% off. You can imagine how many people were there! It was a madhouse with a capital “M.”

I did not see any new Western food products at SM Supermarket other than Emborg Cheese from Denmark and you know, I just had to have some.

Sundays are family day for us and it is a day my wife, son and I go out together. It is OUR DAY. Of course, we also go out other days of the week but our Sunday Family Day has special meaning to us. We begin the week right!

Have a great week. I know I am.


2 thoughts on “Family Day In Bacolod

  1. Hi this is martin! Oh my god, I was at trey’s for lunch too! Did you notice a fat guy in blue sitting with a group of kids? That was me! I saw you and your family walk in and take the table at the far end.

    It’s a shame Fat boys was closed. We were also supposed to eat there for lunch!
    Glad you like Bacolod and great blog keep it up! I’ll add it to my blog roll.

    • Hi Martin! WOW. It is a small world. I saw you and the group of kids but had no idea it was you, of course. Thank you for liking my blogs about Bacolod and thank you for adding it to your blogroll. I appreciate it. We have lived here almost 3 years now and I love it here. My wife is from the Bacolod Area.

      I appreciate all the good reviews of restaurants in Bacolod. You and the Bacolod Food Hunters have turned us on to many good places to eat and I pass that info on to others in Bacolod City and the surrounding areas. Keep it up and I hope to see you around again one day!

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