God’s Beauty


Beauty in Bacolod

The beauty of nature, God’s handiwork, is something we sometimes overlook. We are too busy to stop and smell the flowers or else we just don’t see it. It is there for us but we don’t see them. Everyday in our area of Philippines seems to unfold a new adventure and I am thankful that I am never too busy to enjoy God’s beauty.

A Child Sees The Beauty

Children often see things that we don’t see. We may see certain things but life’s stress may cause us not to really see the beauty.

Stroll in a Garden

Taking a stroll in a garden can do wonders for us if we do so in appreciation of the beauty. 

Sugar Cane

Some may never see the beauty of sugar cane growing in a field but it is one of God’s wonders and many people in Negros Occidental grow sugar cane to support their families.


We sometimes need to spend time in the valley to appreciate the exhilaration of the mountain top! 

Living Waters

There is refreshing in the rushing water of a cool mountain stream. Water is symbolic with life and from us can spring forth rivers of living water. 


It is not the best taken photo but I included it as a reminder that perfection and being unblemished are not required to show the possession of one’s beauty to others. 

God’s beauty and God’s miracles are everywhere, if we open our eyes and see them. The inward beauty of many are more precious than gold in comparison to their outward beauty.






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