Punta Bulata

Punta Bulata

Punta Bulata is about 160 km south of Bacolod and it is our favorite resort in Negros Occidental. Punta Bulata Resort and Spa is located near the city of Sipalay, in the southern part of Negros Occidental. One of the fabulous rooms is P2,500 a night. There are nipa beach cottages for up to six people that are more in the P1,500 price range. Rates do vary according to the season and this is the current seasonal rate.

Tree On The Beach

                                                Castles in the Sand

White Sandy Beach

Pilsen Time

Rooms at Punta Bulata

The first floor rooms are Japanese style rooms, complete with zen garden inside.

Sittin’ By the Pool

Now That is a Taco!

The restaurant at Punta Bulata is very good. I was happy seeing tacos on the menu.

Giant Star Fish

No, don’t worry! We did not catch, capture or disturb the star fish since we are conservationists and protectors of the environment. 

Our experience at Punta Bulata is one we will never forget and we plan to go again in the future. Chinese friends were visiting us from Shanghai, actually still on their honeymoon, so we took them to Punta Bulata.Yes, we left them there a few days and nights, and then picked them up to bring them back to Bacolod. My wife, son and I also enjoyed our one night stay at Punta Bulata.

Friends from China

The Love of My Life

“And you decorated my life!” Yes, she has. 

Punta Bulata is not so famous outside Negros Occidental but it is well worth the trip, especially for a quiet getaway, far from the maddening crowd. I love it!

2 thoughts on “Punta Bulata

  1. Hi Gary,
    My wife, older son and myself are visiting Bacolod in December for my Grandmother-in-laws 100th birthday. Big shindig in the works don’t you know? I have asked for, and have been granted a three day break from family to go someplace in Negros and this piece on Punta Bulata caught my eye. In your opinion would this be a good place for a three day visit to unwind and relax? And as a side note, do you know if there is snorkeling as opposed to diving available at that resort? Any direction you can provide would be most welcome.


    • Hi Art,

      Congrats on your grand mother in laws reaching 100.

      Punta Bulata is a great place to visit for unwinding and relaxing. Snorkeling is allowed, no problem. Punta Bulata has a website, which has clear directions from Bacolod.

      I wish you all the best.

      ~ Gary ~

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