Pandanon Valley Resort

If you are ever in the Bacolod Area and feeling a little low. I will tell you some places to see and I will tell you right where to go. One good place is at Pandanon Valley Resort, which is located in the area of Murcia and Don Salvador Benedicto, about one hour outside of Bacolod City.

Pandanon Valley

If you are looking for beautiful mountain scenery with a clear mountain spring to swim and a great place to have a BBQ, check it out! You will be happy for it.

Pandanon Nipa Cottages

Our Cottage

It is not fancy but a good place to hang out for a weekend getaway. There is a BBQ grill. Ever tried BBQ squid? Yummy yummy, yummy to the tum, tum tummy.

Mountain Spring

A great place to take a dip or a swim.

Rib Time

The sauce makes the difference! We used mesquite BBQ sauce on these ribs.

More Rib Eaters

I told you the ribs were good!

There She Is

And you decorated my life! Yes, Grace is my true love in life.

There are wild monkeys at Pandanon Valley Resort but we did not find them bothersome. The monkeys aren’t bothersome unless people mess with them.

New Year’s Day is the busiest time of the year at Pandanon Valley Resort and it is best to book in advance. There are overnight cottages available for around P800 a night.

It is time to dig out for now. Catch ya next time, All Around Bacolod.






4 thoughts on “Pandanon Valley Resort

      • It’s nice meeting new online buddies every now and then. I only started March last year but somehow, we got a bit lucky. 🙂 Anyway, I suggest you do a blogroll (list of recommended sites) so you can have a wider network.

        And by the way, I’ve never been to Bacolod. 😦

  1. Thanks there buddy about the blogroll tip. I will check it out. Since I am still new, I am still learning how it all works! I am glad that your blog is successful.

    You are welcome to visit Bacolod anytime you can. Most people like Bacolod, the City of Smiles. I have visited many places in Negros Occidental, Iloilo and a number of places in Luzon, such as Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna and Batangas. Take care.

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