Language of Food

I enjoy Filipino food very much and the good thing about Bacolod City, many Filipinos also like the same food that Americans like.

Hungry Pete's Hamburger

One of the best burgers in Bacolod is at Hungry Pete’s in Sorrento Plaza.

Having lived in Florida for 15 years, I became a seafood lover. Bacolod is a great place for seafood lovers.

Steamed Crabs

Boiled Shrimp

Grilled Fish With Onions

I enjoy mussels, which are commonly known as green shells in our area, sea scallops, clams, and a special clam known as diwal. Diwal in English is often referred to as angel wing clams. I haven’t seen any razor clams yet in our area but they may be out there. Hello?

Let’s not forget the Chinese influence on Filipino cuisine. I lived in China for 9 years but I can honestly say that the Chinese-Filipino food is much better. Sio Pao is better than Bao Zhi, although the same thing basically. Both are steamed buns filled with meat (and or vegetables and or glass noodles in China).

Char Siu Pork

We had already dug into this Char Siu Pork at Golden Fortune Chinese Restaurant in Bacolod when the photo was taken but you get the idea. I always order extra to take home, as this Chinese roast pork makes excellent sandwiches. I do enjoy a good sandwich.

Pizza seems to be a great and favorite food in Bacolod with most everyone. We have all heard of Shakey’s, Greenwich and Pizza Hut. Some other local pizza restaurants in Bacolod include Yellow Cab, Greeno’z and Mama Maria’s. Greeno’z had a good idea early on, “Pizza In a Nipa Hut” but it seems like the restaurants are now all in a concrete building. I enjoyed eating pizza in a nipa hut! One of my favorites is our neighborhood pizza restaurant, Pizza Drive!

Grace Shows the Pizza


We also like to cook at home, of course, and we don’t eat in restaurants every day. Cooking is one of my hobbies and I am always looking for new recipes to kick things up a notch. Creativity in the kitchen is awesome. I am just scratching the surface, as the language of food will be expanded in future days.




One thought on “Language of Food

  1. looks v nice.but i still prefer chinese food.
    but i always think ph food most r overcooked.
    sio pao is a kind of Chinese Bao is really hard to explain that what inside Bao zi. Bacolod city is the center city of Ph,Wuhan city is the center city of China. i hope to see u could compare with the two cities food.

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