Earthquake in Negros Occidental

I am sorry about the loss of life on our island and other islands in Philippines. A 6.7 earthquake hit south of Bacolod City right around 12 noon today. My prayers go out to everyone and their family. May God bless everyone.

We did not receive any loss of life in our family and we did not suffer any damage to our properties. We are blessed! We felt the initial earthquake in our home and we had several more aftershocks, even 8 hours later.

The schools in Bacolod dismissed class early and many businesses closed right after 12 noon. There were not many businesses open at Gaisano Mall at 3pm and we would not have been there if we did not urgently need to buy something in the mall.

Things are much lighter and more serious All Around Bacolod today. When natural disasters strike, it should cause one to take a step back, count their blessings and put things in proper perspective. Some things just don’t seem as important today as they did yesterday.

As usually in Philippines, it is the poor people and the less fortunate who seem to suffer most. I understand most of the fatalities were due to landslides among people living in the rural mountain barangays and communities.

Let us lend a hand to the people needing it. Let us count our own blessings and be thankful for what we have instead of being upset about the things we don’t have. Let us not just do these things today but let us do them every day for the rest of our lives.



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