A Groovy Sunday

Some of the best things in life are free. Others don’t always have to cost so much.

A groovy Sunday all around Bacolod. Several stops, lots of fun and not much money spent in about 5 hours. First stop was SM Bacolod. It is always packed on Sundays but we still found a table in the food court. Time for some cold San Miguel and a snack, which happened to be a Cheese Hungarian Sausage on a bun for P25 from Hero’s Hungarian Sausage.

Shopping around with Grace, Garryl, Bon Bon and Randy is always fun. Once the SM thing was finished, it was time to head for Lopues East. I needed to buy something there that SM does not sell. TUMS. The hot and spicy Hungarian Sausage was kicking in! Lopues East Supermarket carries some of the most off the wall brand names but from my past shopping pleasure, some of the lesser known brands have turned out to be very gooda! Like Zambo Sardines. And don’t forget the Palm Corned Beef from New Zealand. If you see a round red colored cheese ball from Holland, avoid it! Not good. The local Magnolia Queso de Bola is better and cheaper. Buy Philippines as often as you can, is my motto. Magnolia brand cheese spread is as good as Kraft Cheese Whiz in my opinion. I am not worried about getting sued by an American company for being honest. Pop Cola does not exist any more so I can’t say it is as good as Coca Cola!

From Lopues East, it is a short drive down Circumferential Road to the lawn of the City Government Center. Children and adults like to play there on weekends and in the evenings but it was still afternoon on the groovy Sunday. Garryl set the pace by asking us to buy a bubble blower from a vendor, which was almost a yard long. The bubble blower was almost a yard long, not the vendor! No need to blow these bubbles, as you just load the wand with the soapy bubbles, wave it with your hand and out comes a steady stream of bubbles that has the children chasing after them. After about an hour of this, it was time to do something else.

Back to Lopues East! Time for some dimsum from L’Sea Dimsum and Noodle House and another round. I had the sio pao and short ribs. Chicken Deli is part of L’Sea, so one can order from both restaurants at the same counter. Chicken Inasal with rice for everyone else. Food and drinks for 5 people and still have leftovers to bring home is not bad for the price of P400 (pesos) or less than $10 USD.

It is about that time again to call it a night but I seem to always get the late night munchies. I guess it is not too late for a few Kornados. Those are 3D corn snacks and I have the cheese flavored. I hope it doesn’t give me nightmares!

Natasha, the Belgian Malinois, is sleeping but ever alert. I pity anyone who have any thoughts of dirty deeds done dirt cheap. Ouch! Watch the leg. Seriously, Bacolod is the “City of Smiles” and we are not concerned but it is nice having the same breed of dog that is favored by the US Navy Seals. Almost everyone has a dog of some type that barks if strangers appear, day or night. It may just be an askal, no the local street dog in Philippines, not the national soccer team from Philippines, but they also bark and alert. An askal will work.

It is getting late and I am getting even later with these late night posts. It is almost like the night before Christmas when not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse, but this old cowboy is still stirring. Still up and hangin’ on. I like to sleep late in the mornings anyway. No need to get up early. It just makes the day longer.

Noise in Philippines does not bother me any longer. Roosters crowing, the sounds of trikes, early morning karaoke, the vendors yelling their wares, babies crying from down the road and it all falls on deaf ears. But, let someone start swinging a hammer or rattling the gate and I am awake like a flash. About as fast as the Green Hornet.

Have a great week. I know I am, all around Bacolod.



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