Which Way Is Loose?

Who knows for sure? It is getting late. Too late for balut. Too late to be eating anything. But, I think I will just have a little Cheese Whiz on Feta Crackers. That will work. Just a few, nothing heavy at this hour.

Hey, wait a minute! A carabao just ran into my living room. Who let it out? Dang, Gheez. If I did not know better, I would say it is about time to head to the Nipa Hutz, which by the way is located just on the other side of the of the OK Corral. I have horses and cattle out there. As long as I don’t find a snake in my boot, I will be alright.

Back to Bacolod. Hmmmm. Many Americans contact me asking about moving to Philippines and where to live. I am sold on Bacolod City and the surrounding area 100%. There are many places outside the city that are still in the nearby area, just a short drive or ride. Talisay and Silay to the north. Bago, Pulupandan, Villadolid, San Ennrique, Pontevedra and Hinigaran to the south. Lovely places, one and all. And what about Pulupandan Mayor Magdaleno Pena. A great guy!

There are some great beaches south of Bacolod. Soleo Beach Resort in San Enrique. Miranda Beach just south of Pontevedra. Canonoy Beach Resort and Paradiso Beach Resort in Hinigaran. Batang Peninsula Beach Resort in Himamaylan and Bay Watch Beach Resort in Kabankalan, which is about two hours south of Bacolod and getting more out into the wolly bully area of the province.

Never let a day go by! Find something enjoyable to do. Life is short, so make the most of it. I don’t think you will find much more to do anywhere than all around Bacolod. Life is great so enjoy it.

Tale care buckaroos.

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